31 May 2010

Fingerprint Art

All the artwork is made with my children's fingerprints...The art teacher I work with, Mrs. Zebrowski, introduced me to this idea and I just went with it when I was planning a very special end of the year gift for a friend that has taken care of both my kids prior to beginning Pre-school :) Just Delightful!!!

I took my children's hands and painted them according to the image I wanted to capture...then either I outlined their hands to create the sea creature of choice or just added the details needed to accomplish the same :) Pictured above are crabs....those were created using both hands and placing one palm print over the other....for the fingers - all were printed except the thumbs...the little legs were created by printing their pinky finger... :) enjoy!!!
Here is a dolphin and below it a whale...these were made in the same manner...I just fingerprinted their palm and four fingers...no thumbs...then I outlined each to create the dolphin or whale...
Once the pictures were complete, I added a background and a poem to the framed art...
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  1. i love finger and handprint art! can't wait to try the crab, he's darling!