14 March 2010

A Twilight Celebration...Part II

I made a frame that hung from the ceiling and all the guests had their picture taken...this was a hit...everyone had lots of fun taking pictures.
And our special guest...Edward Cullen had a lot of attention as well...as you could see... :)
The cake was very simple...I ordered a plain cake with white swirls on the edge and black lettering...I placed a combination of fresh roses & miniature dark red carnations in the center along with a black & white polka dot ribbon...:) The gold candles looked amazing... there were 20 small candles on each side and I used the long candles to seperate how old each brithday girl turned...3 on one side (23) and 5 on the other (25):)
We had a GREAT time :) Enjoy!
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  1. It all came out beautiful Mar. . . as usual lol. . . I LOVE YOU!!!! THANKS =D


  2. Love the pictures with the Edward cut out. I'm definitely ordering one for my Eclipse party. Great Blog