14 March 2010

A Twilight Celebration...Part I

Who's team are you on...? Team Edward or Team Jacob....
Well, it was two of my cousins birthdays this past week-end and what do you think was the theme?
Twilight-of course...
all of the details were in black, red and white as you could see...
All the fresh flowers were RED...the scrolls on the table were cut out,painted black and placed as details throughout...I used stickers from the movie that I found at Target along with "Edward" and "Jacob" plates to bring in details from the movie.
I found these journals at Party City and used place cards from "Brides" to personalize each booklet...guests were asked to write a special memory they had shared with each of the birthday girls... the pens used were placed in a champagne flute with red shimmery filler.. :)
One of my cousins turned 25...
1/4 of a century old...all the guests were asked to bring a "Quarter" this went towards a savings fund for future doctor visits for "Aches & Pains" that come with AGE...lol :)
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  1. very nice! and the savings jar idea is cracking me up, I love it!

    Kim @ http://frostmeblog.blogspot.com
    party inspiration

  2. :) lol....although 25 is very young! I love to bug them about aging...:)