09 March 2010

Oscar Hollywood Party

Getting together with the family to watch the Oscars is just so much fun...and of course I went all out...my husband thinks I am just crazy...I on the other hand just enjoy celebrating in style...
I really did not have much time to plan but I remembered that I had Humphrey and Marilyn put away from a previous celebration...so I thought what a DELIGHTFUL idea...lets celebrate:)
I took out my boas and mini oscars that I had put away as well as some popcorn holders that I had bought at Target for my son's birthday...and VOILA...the party was on its way:)

We had lots of fun!!! We photographed ourselves with Marylin and Humphrey....and watched the Oscars eating popcorn and just having a DELIGHTFUL time with the family :) Enjoy!
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