17 January 2010

Princess Party

This is my daughter's 3rd Birthday...It was a Royal Princess Affair...It all began with a trip to Disney where she met all the Princesses and took pictures with them...She had a Fabulous time...During the summer, for her birthday I planned a Party using many of the ideas and Fairy Tale dreams from the Disney Vacation... Above is the pinata that I created for her...and the small Castles were tokens of appreciation for all the small Princesses that were invited to the Grand Celebration. All the Princesses were asked to dress in their Royal Attire..but just in case there was a dressing area provided....
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  1. How many details and pinata is adorable. I really like the dressing area idea.

  2. This is the theme for my daughter's 4th birthday party this November. Where did you get the castles?


  3. Hi Mandi,
    The smaller castles used as centerpieces were purchased at the Dollar Tree...The pinata was custom made using a few of the smaller castles along with other crafts...the towers were paper towel rolls covered in paper....
    thanks for visiting my blog :)