05 June 2012

An Italian themed RETIREMENT PARTY

Pensione Felice!!!
Happy Retirement!!!

After many years of dedication to our students...our good friend and colleague is retiring! 
Carmen will be taking a nice vacation to Italy...so we thought it would be the perfect theme for her retirement party!
Here are some picture of the special day....
We had two different types of centerpieces...pasta filled glass vases, which look great! We attached a map of Italy or the Italian Flag to a skewer which was inserted into vase.
 The napkin holders were manicotti pasta that were wrapped with the Italian Flag and the words 
"Pensione Felice" going around...
 The second type of centerpiece were empty tomato cans that we used as pots...the three cans were 
tied together with yarn...
This couldn't be an Italian event without the blackboard painted chef...very cute!!! 
 Here is another look at the tomato can centerpiece

She got a box of pasta filled with lots of $$$$!!!
Happy Retirement - Carmen!

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