29 April 2012

First Holy Communion

My beautiful niece just did her 
First Holy Communion
and these are some of the details 
of that special day!

 These were pewter frames that were given to all the guests...
Below is the desert table....which was filled with lots of goodies!



  1. My daughter just did her First Holy Communion yesterday. It was a wonderful day indeed! It looks like it was a oday for you, and your niece too. I like the idea of the picture frames. They are pretty and believe me a lot of hard work goes into planning these things along with planning the party. Kudoos to your sister for all her hard work!

    I made soy-wax candles and had her name/date with a picture of a challis printed on the jar. Now that it's over I'm enjoying left over cake! Yum :0)

  2. I meant to say that it looks like it was a wonderful day for you and your niece too. Sorry for the flub on my previous comment :0)