25 April 2011

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was spent at our home with friends and family...
I hope you enjoy the pictures of the memories captured.

These "PEEPS" were just some of the goodies

that all our guests enjoyed!

I bought some Peeps and bagged
individually with a custom tag...
"Happy Easter to one of my favorite PEEPS"
Here is a closer look :)

The guests also had silly bands to take home with them...

These were the custom aprons along with mini canvases and paint brushes that each child was given to make their


A portrait of the ARTISTS...

Aprons on and paint brushes in hand....
we're ready to get started!


The children paint their backgrounds.

Once the background is dry...
we began the second part of this mini project...
the hand print!

Not just a hand print... A BUNNY PRINT!!!!!!
The kids LOVED this...they were not sure why they had to hold the pencil while I painted their hands... ;)

They enjoyed watching their masterpiece come to life!

We added super fine glitter from Martha Stewart and I outlined their bunnies and detailed them for the children!

A memorable craft...


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