05 June 2010

Retro Surf Party

This delightful party is by I LOVE PARTIES blog...just amazing!
The gift bags pictured below are just adorable and each has a different retro surf pciture attached. The guests filled their own bags with different goodies....cool black shades, custom coloring books (available from their shop), hibiscus lollipops and much more...take a look!
The goody table....the tall vases are filled with blue jelly beans topped with white milk bottles.
I just love the shark cupcakes....too cute! She also had sand cupcakes....
"The Sunset Bar"
LOVE IT!!!!! The glass carafs are filled with different colored juices and the custom labels are adorable!
pineapple juice=Mellow Yellow
orange juice= Sunny Delight
blue Powerade= Blue Hawaii
The large tin is filled with individual juices...

What an adorable idea...Enjoy! :)
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