16 June 2010

Father's Day

Earlier this week, I drove past a barber shop and suddenly, I thought what a cute idea for Father's Day...so as soon as my husband was out of the house - I told the kids I wanted to have fun with daddy's shaving cream...of course, they did not hesitate! Julianne and Jorgie LOVED the idea...my daughter was a little concerened that we would finish daddy's shaving cream-but I quickly took care of that problem...I squirted some on her hands and she responded..."well, we could just buy him more!"

As you could see....the results were adorable...the kids enjoyed taking pictures with shaving cream!
When I decided to write HAPPY FATHER'S DAY on the mirror...
They wanted to just keep writing more stuff...too cute!
Try this idea out for a creative and fun moment with your kids as a Father's Day Card!!!!
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  1. That is so adorable! A very cute idea. I'm sure their father will love it. :)