02 June 2010

5th Grade Prom

This year the Fifth Grade Prom/Dance Luncheon was hosted at our school cafeteria... All the teachers wanted to transform the cafeteria into a glamorous and delightful event for our students...We began by removing all the lunch tables and renting round tables and chairs for the luncheon. Metallic stars bordered the cafeteria and had individual pictures of each of the fifth graders were placed in the center to personalize the event.

This was the entrance to the ball....students were amazed when they saw the transformation that had taken place in their honor.. :)
The stage was set for pictures...students went up and took a picture with friends or by themselves....
The best part of this was to see the happiness in each of the students faces....they felt very special and will take a beautiful memory with them to middle school... CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES!
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