05 April 2010

CandyLand Party 2

I am going Candyland crazy...but I have found so many delightful ideas that I just can't help but share them with all of you...
this seems to be a very popular theme and my kids are also getting into this game and play it all the time..so I'm attracted to the theme :)
This party was posted by livinglocurto.com....AMAZING!!! Pictured above is a small favor that was made from a recycled Altoids tin box...and how about the cards...they are personalized with the Birthday Boys name...:) too cute!
This is a cardboard house which is adorable...this took lots of work - I am sure - but, it's too cute! The lollipops are styrofoam circles painted and covered in cellophane paper and wrapped as a lollipop:)
The candy bar....LOVE IT!
Here is a collage that livinglocurto.com posted as a close up of various details at the party! :) Enjoy!
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  1. One of my favorites too! Love the cardboard house idea..very cute!


  2. thans Candance for visiting.. :)