25 April 2010

Baby Shower Centerpieces...

This is a centerpiece that I am working on for my cousin's baby shower...The dress pictured belonged to my babygirl....she will be turning six this year... time goes by too fast! We have to treasure every moment :)
The pails and hangers are from Target...great deal :)

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  1. Hi Mariela~
    I bought a wood hanger with this same idea in mind. What did you use for the stand and how did you attach it to your hanger?

    I love the topiary look!


  2. i love this idea! i'd love to do this for my cousin as well, but am struggling with trying to figure out how to make the dress stand, would you please share? thank you so much!

  3. I love this idea but dont know how to make the dress stand? help! please email me at terrisanchez64@gmail.com

  4. How do you make the dress stand? I have a great idea for my daughter's baby shower but cant figure out how to make the stand. Please e-mail me at mhschwartz@ncl.com at your convenience. Thank you!

  5. Hi,
    That’s a very creative idea and you can even recycle old clothes. I have been looking for some baby shower decorating ideas for girls and I can definitely use this one.