18 January 2010

Julie & Sophia 1st Incredible Idea

These girls are just too cute....Julie and Sophia have decided to follow in their mom's/aunt's footsteps and create simple crafts and decorations....They think they are going to be the next BIG Disney stars....I just think it's adorable...and the best part about it - I get to spend quality time with my two favorite girls in the whole wide world:) They have seen all the things I do for our celebrations and lately the whole thing with the blog....you could imagine how I must be driving everyone crazy....

I guess they got tired of me asking them to do all the manual labor whenever I was getting ready for a party and they decided they wanted to be the girls with the idea...I have a feeling my poor son, Jorgie is going to get the short end of the stick and will be the one doing all the work-while they get all the glamour...:)

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